Fixed Assets

Fixed Assets


This ERP-Solution business process supports both Preventive and Corrective Maintenance. It was developed with integration of current ERP-Solution objects in mind. Equipment maintenance is required for mobile equipment (e.g. buses, trucks, etc.) and fixed plant equipment (e.g. conveyor belts, crushers, etc.). Mobile equipment maintenance is a much more complex business process than fixed plant maintenance due to the rather randomly operational environment where maintenance occurs, fixed plant maintenance requirements is mostly considered a subset of mobile equipment maintenance requirements. This development was designed to cover mobile equipment maintenance and, hence, supports most fixed plant maintenance requirements.


Asset Group

Customer Service

  • Deliver Assets
  • Customer Assets
  • Asset Delivery Details
  • Registration Attributes
  • Registration
  • Asset Delivery Month

Asset Transactions

  • Project Create Asset
  • Asset Addition
  • Asset Disposal

Depreciation Processing

  • Depreciation Expense Entry
  • Post Depreciation Entry

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